The Urban Transport Institute (TUTI) was a private research consultancy founded in 1998 and based in Victoria, Australia, which specialised in various aspects of transport and environmental analysis and planning.

While TUTI worked on various projects in the transport and environmental fields, it specialised in three major areas:

-  the design, conduct and analysis of large-scale travel surveys

-  the analysis and evaluation of behaviour change programs

-  the evaluation of the external environmental effects of transport systems

The Urban Transport Institute worked on local, national and international projects. It had projects in Victoria, other states of Australia, in the USA, UK, Switzerland, New Zealand, Singapore and Africa.

Despite establishing itself as a world leader in the design and conduct of urban travel surveys, it was forced to close its doors prematurely in 2012 when the incoming conservative Newman government in the State of Queensland broke written contracts for TUTI to conduct travel surveys in Queensland. As a result of the substantial gap inserted into its forward work program, TUTI was forced to lay off its team of staff that it had assembled over the previous 10 years, and reluctantly close its doors.