Project: Townsville Household Activity & Travel Survey 2010-11

Client: Queensland Department of Transport & Main Roads

Description: Following the completion of the South-East Queensland Travel Surveys in 2003-04, 2006-08 and 2009 for Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads decided to extend the surveys into regional areas of the state from 2010 onwards. TUTI (in association with I-view Pty Ltd) was  appointed by the Department to design and conduct the Queensland Regional Travel Surveys beginning in 2010. The first of these surveys (THATS10) was conducted in Townsville in April-May 2010, with a target number of responding households of 850 in the Townsville area. This was supplemented by another survey (THATS11) in Townsville (Phase 2 - 950 households) in May-June 2011. The data from both surveys were combined and released to DTMR as THATS1011.

The format of the THATS1011 surveys is very similar to that adopted for the SEQTS surveys (to enable ease of comparison), and is based on the use of a self-completion activity/travel diary for 1 day, supported by personal delivery and pickup of the questionnaires.  The THATS1011 surveys use the Speedit program (Survey Program for Entering and Editing Data Involving Travel), which had been used in recent surveys in Queensland, Melbourne and New Zealand. They also used the HotSpot (Household Travel Survey Program for Operational Techniques) program which controls the logistics of the survey.

Publications: TUTI (2011). Survey Procedures and Documentation v1.0, Townsville 2010-11. The Urban Transport Institute, Victoria, August 2011.

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