Public Transport Patronage Estimation

Project: Estimating Public Transport Patronage

Client: MetLink, Victoria, Australia

Description: The purpose of this study is to identify and assess a number of options for estimating patronage at a higher resolution, both temporally (e.g. by day and peak period) and spatially (e.g. station/stop level), and on a more timely basis (i.e. less than one week) than currently available. Consideration will therefore need to be given to establishing validation rates by time period, mode and location. In addition, the impact of special events which can result in substantial increases or decreases in patronage (and potentially different validation rates) will need to be taken into account.

This study will also need to investigate how existing data collection methodologies can be better utilised and whether there is a role for alternative technologies. Whilst it is common practice for agencies to adopt technological solutions (such as automatic passenger counters), manual data collection methods are often retained to test the validity of the technology. In planning the implementation of any passenger counting technology, consideration needs to be given to potential problems that may arise, particularly those related to software, data processing and analysis, data validation and hardware

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